“iStart a Fan War”

November 18, 2010

Hey guys! The time is finally here. My episode of iCARLY is going to air tomorrow (Friday the 19th) on Nickelodeon at 8/7 c. It’s called “iStart a Fan War” and is a one hour iCARLY movie event! So set your DVR’s/Tivo’s and make sure to check it out! I play one of the iCarly fans at webicon so keep your eyes peeled lol.

iCARLY Air Date

October 19, 2010

Hey guys! So just a quick update; I found out the two iCARLY episodes I’m in are going to air on Friday November 19th. They’re going to air back-to-back in a one-hour special called “iStart a Fan War”! Here’s a link to Dan’s (the creator of iCARLY) blog where he gives away a few exciting deets on the show. Some of what he gives away is that “you get to see Carly, Sam, and Freddie in a direct confrontation with hundreds of iCarly super-fans – while Spencer and Jack Black duel to the death!” Pretty cool, huh? So make sure to mark your calendars and check out iCARLY on November 19th! It’s going to be a good one!

Exclusive Interview

September 23, 2010

Hey guys. Check out this interview I did with getthebigpicture.net!

The article talks about my journey that lead to me booking the part of Clarke in DIRTY GIRL, what it was like working with all the great actors/actresses and our great director, and a little bit about what’s next for me. Check it out!

“Dirty Girl” Q and A

September 16, 2010

TIFF Interview

September 15, 2010

Hey Guys. Check out this interview I did with Abe Sylvia, the director of DIRTY GIRL, while attending TIFF. Hope you enjoy!

Coming to a Theater Near You

September 15, 2010

Hey guys. Check out these articles about DIRTY GIRL getting picked up by the Weinstein Company. In case you haven’t heard The Weinstein Company acquired the distribution rights for DIRTY GIRL the night of its world premiere, which means that DIRTY GIRL will be in a theater near you sometime in 2011.  How exciting!

Here’s an article by moviecitynews.com about the acquisition.  Here’s an article from deadline.com that gives some more details about the acquisition, including the fact that the film is guaranteed release and the price of the deal. And here’s an article from getthebigpicture.net also discussing the deal.


September 14, 2010

What an amazing weekend! I spent this past weekend in Toronto attending the Toronto International Film Festival and had the time of my life!

Sunday was the world premiere of DIRTY GIRL. It was so surreal! Before this screening I hadn’t seen the film at all; so my first time seeing the film was in a sold out theater with 600 people watching with me. I sat in disbelief when I first saw myself on screen. I just couldn’t believe it. When you make the move to LA to pursue a career in acting you’re faced with the statistics of 1 in a million, literally, make it to see their dream come true of becoming an actor. All I kept thinking was “wow, here I am watching myself in a real Hollywood film at the Toronto International Film Festival. I am so blessed!”

The screening went amazingly! The audience responded to everything and a few separate times actually broke out into applause in the middle of the film.  They loved it! Straight from the premier we went to the DIRTY GIRL after party to celebrate. It was here that Melissa Manchester sang two of her songs live. It was so amazing to get to see her perform in such an intimate setting. I had listened to her music so many times in preparation for this film so to see her live was unbelievable.

After the DIRTY GIRL after party we went to the CAA party where I rubbed elbows with the likes of Kevin Spacey (and by rubbed elbows I mean stared awkwardly at as he stood feet away from me talking to someone else lol.) It was at this party that I also met Harvey Weinstein. Crazy huh? All in all it was a magical night!

Toronto Here I Come!

September 9, 2010

I leave for Toronto tomorrow! I am so excited to get to attend the Toronto Film Festival and see DIRTY GIRL for the first time.  Definitely check back soon for news!

In the mean time check out these articles about DIRTY GIRL This first article is from On Top Magazine and talks about the film and it’s debut in Toronto. This second one is an article from the LA Times naming DIRTY GIRL one to watch at the Toronto Film Festival. Check it out!


September 3, 2010

The buzz for DIRTY GIRL keeps building! Check out this article on Cinematical naming DIRTY GIRL a must see in Toronto. Also, check out this article from The Hollywood Reporter naming DIRTY GIRL one of the five titles likely to generate sales buzz in Toronto. How cool, huh?

It’s Official!

August 27, 2010

Well, it’s official. The lineup for the 2010 Toronto International Film Festival has been announced and DIRTY GIRL is now an official selection. Check out this article listing all the films in our section of the festival. In even better news, not only has DIRTY GIRL been accepted into the Toronto Film Festival but it has also been named one of the ten must see films of the festival! Check it out. How exciting!

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